Doors & Windows

No other element of the facade attracts attention as much as a window and a door. For several decades, Schüco and Aluprof have been associated with fully technologically mature and tested window and door systems that combine a great variety in the selection of materials, aesthetics and wide application possibilities. The range of aluminum windows is really wide, from standard windows, through windows with a very sophisticated appearance, to structures used in the renovation of historic buildings. A special feature of aluminum is the ability to precisely form the material. This allows for an individual approach to expectations and requirements.

Schüco AWS 75 SI+

The Schüco AWS 75.SI + window has been optimized and flexible in terms of thermal insulation in order to meet future statutory requirements and better adapt the product to the conditions of competition on a given market.
In addition to reducing the value of the heat transfer coefficient Uf by another 0.1 W / (m²K) to Uf = 1.2 W / (m²K) (with an external frame width of 117 mm), the need to change the installation depth was eliminated and the possibility of serial production was ensured.
In addition to making the selection of thermal insulation more flexible, the assembly process itself with the use of a central gasket and glazing rebate insulation is very important in this series. The already known assembly systems based on a vulcanized sealing frame or a meter gasket with ready-made corners have been supplemented with another variant – an all-round central seal. Moreover, the processing of the glazing rebate insulation was facilitated by the use of ready-made corners. This allows you to avoid trimming and to position the glass bridges immediately. In conjunction with the new generation of Schüco AvanTec mechanical hardware, assembly times have been significantly reduced.

Aluprof MB-86

A window and door system with very good parameters, making it possible to meet the various needs of users. The structure of its sections has 3 variants depending on the requirements of thermal energy saving: ST, SI and AERO. MB-86 is the world’s first aluminum window and door system in which an aerosol has been used – a material with excellent thermal insulation. The advantage of this system is the high strength of the profiles, which enables the construction of large and heavy structures. The MB-86 is also available with a hidden sash.

Schüco AWS 90

Schüco AWS 90.SI + aluminum windows not only meet the expectations in terms of maximum thermal insulation, but also meet the highest architectural requirements in terms of design and the possibility of shaping the appearance of the building with a depth of only 90 mm. In combination with the hidden Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart fittings, it is possible to implement transparent windows with a sash weight of up to 160 kg, and the use of Schüco TipTronic fittings enables the use of additional energy potential in buildings.
– the highest thermal insulation with a profile depth of 90 mm and Uf values ​​from 0.71 W / m²K
– average Uf value of 1.0 W / m²K, Uw = 0.8 W / m²K (with an external profile width of 117 mm) and Ug = 0.6 W / m²K (with a plastic spacer)
– co-extruded center gasket with fin
– extended insulation zone thanks to thermal foam spacers

Aluprof  MB-104 passive

The window and door system with a thermal break MB-104 passive, thanks to its very high insulation, meets all the requirements for elements used in passive construction. This system is used to make elements of external architectural development, e.g. various types of windows, doors, vestibules, cabinets or spatial structures, which are characterized by, apart from excellent thermal insulation, also very good acoustic insulation, water and air tightness and high strength of the structure.
– windows and doors with Passive House Institute Darmstadt certificates for the MB-104 Passive SI and MB-104 Passive Aero versions
– high thermal insulation for the window Uw from 0.53 W / m²K
– over-standard tightness and insulation parameters
– a wide range of glazing up to 81 mm
– it is possible to use surface, roller or hidden hinges