Anti-Fire Systems

We make various building elements, responsible for the organization of the so-called fire zones and ensuring adequate conditions for the evacuation of people. They include both products structurally related to the group of window and door systems, as well as phantom structures in mullion and transom systems. The fire resistance of such elements can be in the classes from EI 15 to EI 120 for vertical structures and REI30 / RE30 for roofs. An important feature of the solutions we propose is the ability to combine various structures with each other while maintaining the appropriate fire resistance class. All structures we make have been tested in laboratories and research institutes.
The extensive range of systems allows the design of very different facade structures. The wide possibilities within each of the systems leave architects and planners a lot of freedom. On the basis of the tested system solutions, it is also possible to implement unusual architectural concepts without major problems.

Aluprof MB-60E EI

The MB-60E EI system is used to make internal or external single and double-leaf fire doors. This system enables the construction of technical windows and fire partition walls. Structures in this system are characterized by the fire resistance class EI15 or EI30. The solution is based on aluminum profiles with a thermal break of the MB-60E system, the construction depth of the sections is 60 mm. The fire resistance of the structure is ensured by fire insulation elements that are installed in the internal chambers of the profiles. The structures are additionally equipped with expanding tapes, which, in the event of a fire, are an impenetrable barrier. The system allows the use of all typical fire-resistant glass with a thickness of 5 to 41 mm, which are fixed with glazing beads on the inside.

Aluprof MB-78EI

The MB-78EI system is used to make internal or external fire partitions with single and double-leaf doors of fire resistance class EI 15, EI 30, EI 45, EI 60 or EI 90, according to PN-EN 13501-2: 2010 standard.

The structure of this system is based on thermally insulated aluminum profiles, the depth of which is 78 mm. They are characterized by a low value of the heat transfer coefficient due to the use of, among others, special profiled thermal breaks 34 mm wide. The structure’s resistance to high temperature is ensured by special GKF or CI fire insulation elements introduced into the internal chambers of the profiles and into the insulation spaces between the profiles, as well as steel accessories and connectors.
The thickness of the fillings in the MB-78EI system ranges from 6 to 49 mm. The fillings can be all typical fireproof panes, as well as layered opaque elements composed of sheet metal and appropriate boards providing the required fire protection. As part of this system, it is also possible to obtain smoke-tight structures.
The angular connections of the walls available in the system, the possibility of bending profiles and building arch structures, as well as the use of diagonal lacings and decorative muntins glued on the glass are features that affect the shapes and aesthetics of the building.
The range of permissible dimensions of the structure includes fixed partitions up to 4 m high and rebate doors with leaf dimensions up to 1.4 x 2.5 m. The doors of the MB-78EI system can be assembled individually, as part of larger structures with glass walls, and in fire facades MB-SR50EI and MB-SR50N EI systems.
The MB-78EI system is covered by the ITB technical approval No. AT-15-6006 / 2016 and the British CERTIFIRE certificate No. CF 5138

Schüco ADS 80 FR 30

The entire series of this product is based on stable, 5-chamber profiles with a depth of 80 mm, allowing for the implementation of single and double-leaf fire doors with large dimensions in the clear passage of up to 1400 x 2988 mm and 2820 x 2988 mm, as well as partition walls and curtain walls filling. By combining with additional, optional accessories, it is possible to realize multi-purpose doors that meet various other additional requirements in terms of security and building automation. In addition to the properties related to fire and smoke resistance, this series can have a much wider range of functions, such as, for example, anti-burglary protection up to RC3 (WK3) class, combining anti-burglary properties in RC2 (WK2) class with panic function *, or acoustic insulation (42 dB). Fire doors can be used in both interior and exterior applications, providing smooth, elegant transitions between standard and protected areas for fire safety.
This product has been tested according to European (EN 1364/1634) and German (DIN 4102) standards and meets the requirements for fire resistance classes EI30 (T / F30) and EW30 (G30).

Smoke exhaust windows and flaps

Smoke exhaust windows and flaps play a special role in ensuring the safety and comfort of people in the building. Properly selected elements are elements of the gravity ventilation system, and if necessary, they will help to quickly get rid of smoke and toxic vapors that threaten health and life. This product can be equipped with reliable and quiet mechanisms by D + H, GEZE, and in the case of skylight windows – also with ESCO drives. Various types of actuators are available, including drives with high opening force, they can be mounted in the window individually or in synchronized „Tandem” arrangements. Despite the responsible function that these structures play in the building, they can be characterized by high aesthetics, which is ensured by the possibility of using small-size drives arranged parallel to the window surface.